Your Body Needs A Proper Warm Up To Function Best!
Quick and Easy Way To Warm Up
for Pole Dance & Exotic!

 Get Lara Johs Easy To Follow Warm Up
To Prepare Your Body For Training And Reduce The Risk Of Injury...
  • ​Safe & easy General Warm Up Specifically for Pole Dance!
  • ​Short Preperation for Exotic Dance in Heels!
  • ​Prepares the Body for Training Safely!
  • ​Bonus: 3 Extra Shoulder Exercises Specifically for Healthy Shoulders for Pole Dance!
  • ​My Special 14 minutes Pole Dance Warm Up Video!
  • ​BONUS: You sign up to my Email List and Get my Exotic Music Playlist too!
Works Even if you are new to Pole Dancing!
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